Brent Millar - Artist

New Exhibition

Best In Show. Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh - 18th May to 3rd June 2015.
34 Abercromby Place, Edinburgh. EH3 6QE

Best in show

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Brent Millar is an artist who recognises that the power of painting is in allowing paint to be itself, to be colour.

The apparent spontaneity of his work belies considerable skill in producing colour harmonies of great sensitivity and sensuousness.  The physical layering of paint and imagery hints at a multiplicity of meaning.

Through a mix of skill and intuition, Brent can make the most unlikely of colour combinations sing but it would be misleading to suggest that these works derive their strength from colour alone.  When Mark Rothko talked about his painting, he emphasised that “if you are moved only by their colour relationships, then you miss the point.”

Finding inspiration in nature, his imagination and inventiveness ensure that his paintings are much more than mere transcriptions of appearance.  Regardless of their complex layering of images, they attempt to capture, with subtlety and simplicity, a rare spiritual beauty.

These are paintings made with the eye, mind and heart.  Below the surface, beyond mere appearance, we may experience that which is truly real – pure thought and emotion existing in harmony with the natural world.

Alfons Bytautas